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FTD “Throwback 2009″ Shirt

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This is where it all started.  If you’ve been with the podcast from it’s inception then you’ll know what “FTD” means.  It’s origins rooted in the theory that men test everything with they fingers, tounges, and d*cks…again…no one will know what you’re wearing…except for you!  With a wonderful illustration from our buddy and art director Jeff…The “FTD” is the very first “A Mediocre Time” original.  (Jeff sent me the artwork one morning because he was bored!!!  If only I could be that productive when I was bored!)  It’s the backbone of the podcast and the mantra that we try to apply to everything…

This “Mediocre Classic” shirt is gold and and white printed on a premium burgundy cotton t-shirt…



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