• Feb 22

    Daytona 500… or just 1 with a shitty truck


    Annoy Your Friends

      SInce the 500 is coming up i figured i would show you guys this pick. A couple years ago i got to drive my truck around the track once. The damn thing wouldn’t go above 85 or so cause it was on a bank the whole time. Also my check engine light came on because all the oil was going to one side of the engine i think. Its was also embarrassing when leaves and shit were flying out of the bed. I am pretty sure a big bufford wrapper flew out, possibly a beer can. I knew the old president of the track and he let me take a lap one day when no one was around. Since then they have re-done the entire track but it was crazy how bumpy and shit it was. I have done it riding shotgun in a nascar and its a whole different experience going 180. It must be crazy driving with a bunch of other cars inches from you.

      Posted By tom on February 22 2012 | Comments (12)

      • Ipadborkwett

        Most NASCAR drivers wear flip flops

      • None


      • FuckThatSamGuy

        You should go back to that hair style. It actually looks somewhat decent.

      • Cockmaster 3000

        You don’t look fat at all in this picture. If you lost 10-20 pounds, you’d look like a twig. 

      • BT

        Thats cool as hell! Id ride a bike around that track if I could. Good pic man!

      • Douchey McGee

        It looks like he’s the winner in a contest of who can keep their hand on the vehicle the longest.

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