• Feb 19

    Caption Contest


    Annoy Your Friends


      Post the funniest caption I will send you something in the mail. Don’t know what yet but something T and D related.
      My caption: “If this was a rooster I would have cock foot”

      Posted By tom on February 19 2012 | Comments (56)

      • FuckThatSamGuy

        If you can see this parrot, I’m probably being gang-raped in a Super 8 Motel. Please notify the authorities.

      • Anonymous

        This bird must really love and trust Tom’s wife to sit on her foot like this.

      • Aaron

        Picture taken moments before you ended up with ‘shit balls’

      • Jason

        Nice crown molding

      • DJFloppyCoaster

        So that’s why a birds tongue is black, using it to get to the those hard to reach toe crevices.

      • RageKage

        A beak and talon a day keeps the calluses and corns away.

      • Ipadborkwett

        Planet of the Birds
        Opening on Dec. 21, 2011

      • Unit_Scroll

        A bird in the foot is worth two in the pube bush.

      • SomaCowJ

        Toucan Sam’s lesser-known cousin, ToeCankle Larry, the actual originator of the Froot Loops catchphrase “Follow your nose!”

      • Cockmaster 3000

        Bizarre initiation rituals of Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band. 

      • Jam11789

        Tom your dick looks weird from this angle!

      • Rusty Weightset

        ima bird so fuck you

      • Jam11789

        Don’t your feet stink really bad? Poor bird!

      • http://www.facebook.com/bowenwright Bowen Wright

        Worst case of Jungle Foot Ever!

      • http://www.facebook.com/bowenwright Bowen Wright

        Worst Case of Jungle Foot Ever!!

      • http://twitter.com/rudyfacio Rudy Facio

        *double post*

      • Boonatic

        Shitbird loser foot… Fucking loser

      • http://www.facebook.com/Bacharach Ben Bacharach-White

        You got it! Now quick, slam your foot down!

      • http://www.facebook.com/Bacharach Ben Bacharach-White

        New fetish: Beakfoot

      • Bgriffith237

        moments later the birds beak smashed into the floor in a failed backflip attempt.

      • Jake Dugal

        The biggest COCKatoo toms wife has ever seen!

      • Jake Dugal

        Wow, Nice pecker!

      • BT

        Foot Pirate. It hurts just right.

      • http://twitter.com/DirtbagDaryl daryl butler

        Coco BeWHERE? his fuckin foot?

      • Cahler

        Tom finally got sick of the birds and started shit kicking them in mid air.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1465735916 Brian Muster

        I’ve seen parrots eat fruits, nuts, even their own young…but never corn

      • Jesus

        Footjobs, only birds get off on that shit

      • Kyle

        This angry bird ain’t got no shot at crushing the pig

      • Nicky G.

        Well my bird WAS constipated…

      • ODB

        “Swaggin goin swell”

      • Anonymous

        “My toe nails be shinin’ like they yellow diamonds, hhhha” Tom.

      • GUZ

        When asked, “What are u doin with that ugly thing?!” The parrot responded “Fuck if I know!?”

      • GUZ

        Liz Longhair emerges from her long hibernation to get back to work. (Pictured here with her parrot)

      • Loganlikesjelly

        Put a bird on it!!

      • Clark

        Happy Feet THREE dancing in stinkville

      • JasonT2

        “Trying to catch me ridin dirty”

      • Mattcrys1978

        “Fuckin’ humans… always doin’ stupid shit.”

      • Jerry

        “The new adventures of Toe Jam and Earl”

      • Mark Stallings

        He’s gonna poop on your floor.

      • Jasondavid

        Bartender: “hey where did you get that?”
        Bird: ” it started out as a wart on my ass”

      • illy21

        The new craze “Footing”

      • James

        Foot up my ass. Who knew you were serious? Polly need some preparation-h.

      • Velonola

        Aarrackkkk, I can still smell your butt from up here!

      • Topdeck

        Finger, tongue, dick ………foot

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alice-Seewer/100000669163234 Alice Seewer

        “You are the foot beneath my wings.”

      • BOSS


        “A place for dad jokes”

        Cool Dude!

      • keagull

        i like the molding on the ceiling but you should have that growth checked on your foot.  

      • Anonymous

        who won this?  I hope it was the pecker joke. 

      • WizzleMcteets

        You Wannnnnn??????

      • Mark

        How do you get that worn out look on crown molding? Scumbag!

      • Douchey McGee

        Yum, toe jam is my favorite.

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