• Nov 05

    Studio Bathroom Renovation


    Annoy Your Friends


      We decided to renovate our studio bathroom. With bigger named guests coming in all the time, we thought it was time to step up our bathroom game. We went to Floor and Decor on East Colonial and Bumpy. We walked around and found what we liked and something that matched our existing bathroom colors. There was a 6ft piece of granite that was broken so it was half price which was great because we only needed 2 and a half feet. There are deals like that all the time at Floor and Decor, you just have to walk around and look. I wanted to show our receipt because this is what everything cost. (All the materials you see except the faucet.) This is what anyone would have paid; no discount, just us walking in and buying the product like anyone else. ¬†We had Frank Gay Service’s general contractor come and install it for us. He did an awesome job and said that he will offer a 5% discount to all Tom and Dan listeners and a 10% discount to BDM members. If your locoing to re-do your bathroom or any room in your house. just shoot by Floor and Decor and look around their store. There is so much on display to look at and discounts everywhere! You will be surprised how inexpensive in is to spruce up something in your house. It’s great for impressing the family that comes to visit for the holidays or in our case, famous comedians.


      Posted By tom on November 5 2014 | Comments (3)

      • Kumar

        Nice! Just don’t get poop mist on it while standing to wipe

      • Dookie McButtAss

        East colonial and Bumpy…. cant seem to find it on a map

      • BooRadley

        Nice! You gotta admire the beautiful irony that comes from thousands of years of innovations and advancements made in indoor plumbing all to eventually lead to making you feel like you’re a peasant boy cleaning your rags in a bowl in ancient Athens.

        In all seriousness though guys, it’s top level.

        Hey, you could also add the sounds of Maximus’s wheat dream sequence from Gladiator for extra Zen effect on days when it’s a little tougher to evac. And, you could get yourself some off-white semi-dirty hemp rags which you can wet in the bowl then fold over your forehead on those days where you ate a bit much and you’re getting the faints. Just a thought. But, other than that, seriously legit.



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