• Jun 22

    T&Dメガミックス 2.0 (T&D Mega Mix 2.0)


    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey, there Mediocre family.

      It’s Dan, (Tom, Sam, and Travis are all here too) coming at you from AMTStudio3. Today is a tough one. You guys listen to the show, so you know that our families – all families for the most part – have their fair share of tragedy. Yesterday, my wife Andrea lost her younger brother Jon to a motorcycle accident.

      I know that many of you knew him – had met him – maybe even cruised with him on a “Tom and Dan Cruise.” Jon was a wonderfully caring man, and I will miss him every day. My relationship with him was not as good as I would have liked and that hurts me to my core. Because I’ll be handling family stuff, we will not have a live show today. I’m very sorry, but I know that you guys understand. Many of you guys have reached out to both Andrea, and I love you for it. It is THIS sense of community and love that makes this job so unique.

      I love you, Jon. I miss you, Jon.

      Thanks to Tom and Samantha for helping me gather a “Mega Mix” for you. Hopefully, these cuts make you laugh and smile. I know me and the entire “T&D Media Team” laughed and enjoyed revisiting these classic cuts.

      I love you guys!


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