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    765 – I Love Quitting


    Annoy Your Friends


      Thanks to all who might have caught the live stream, well, LIVE! lol it’s insane to think that we’ve been doing “A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan” for over ten years! I still remember when even the idea of a podcast was a huge deal! Like, “You have a podcast?” Now, everyone has one, and I guess what sets this one apart is that it’s on the radio! I would have never guessed THAT would be it’s unique factor! Sh*t makes me laugh! Thanks for hanging out, and we hope you have a rad weekend!

      – d


      – Kicking off today’s “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.”
      – Announcing BDM Appreciation Week with a special pool party luau for BDMs.
      – Tackling the confusion around ACT 10-year live event planning.
      – Calling for volunteers to help at Hourglass Brewing.
      – Seth stepping into fatherhood; discussing the boat tire incident.
      – Delving into Seth’s boating mishaps, trailer issues, and humorous exchanges.
      – Seth’s judgement under the influence during the boat incident.
      – Reflecting on how fatherhood has changed Seth.
      – Updates on BDM events, merchandise, and community engagements.
      – Tom shares his skiing adventures and recovery from drinking.
      – Exploring the competitive world of podcasting and “pod wars.”
      – Discussing the highs and lows of parenting.
      – Preparing for Easter with family traditions and children’s activities.
      – Imagining adventures with Harrington Junior Cars.
      – Speculating on Mike Tyson’s potential fight and aging athletes.
      – Closing with updates on Seth’s Dojo and the Tiny Tiger program.


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