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      We’re back and I’ve got to tell you I’ve never been more glad to be home. Now, that’s not to say that Tom and I didn’t have a fantastic time exploring parts of America’s North West, but if there’s anything that I learned from our last adventures, it’s that flying on a plane for any length of time has a tendency to get me sick. Many of you will remember that shortly following the “mediocre” trip to the 2014 Stitcher Awards in San Francisco, I came down with the “double pneumonia AIDS. This was due to complications/flights of an earlier trip to Philadelphia and Nashville and kissing far too many cowboys! Oddly enough, this lead to a relapse a few weeks later where I felt quite certain that I was going to have to head to the doctor once again. I ended up being able to tough it out though — through massive glasses of water and more than a handful of those dreadful Mucinex pills. (I will say that I love their fat, little, green phlegm mascot who talks like he’s a Italian gangster! Classic!)

      At any rate, this is just a little note to those of you that Tom and I got to meet while out in Seattle and Portland. You were all more than kind and it was nothing sort of mind blowing to see people thousands of miles away who enjoy what we do. For years, we were only locked into the idea that what we did in radio was a local product. Now don’t get me wrong, we still have a majority of people that listen to our podcast on the East Coast, but it was so fun seeing many of you in the West who still have that connection to all things “mediocre.” Please make sure that if you’re ever in town that you hit up one of our events or whatever the fuck. You know that we’d love to have you.

      This is going to be a bit of a busy week for us. Not only are we trying to catch up with the fact that we were both up for a total of 36 straight hours working but there are more than a few “unspeakables” that we’ve been working on that we think you guys might really, really, really like.

      Ok. On that note, BDM Members have their shows posted featuring a full Seattle, Washington ‘cast and a throwback show from the late 30’s.

      We’ll see you guys Friday for the Free Show,


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