• Dec 31

    Happy Snoots Year!!!


    Annoy Your Friends

      New Years 2013 (small)

      What can I really say about this year that’s not already in the form of a cliche or some other shit that you’re going to read all over Facebook and Twitter for the next 24 hours. Personally I would like to say that I thought this year was pretty shitty but I learned a lot about people and about myself. I keep those that are close to me very, very close and I’ll be a much more wise and guarded person in the years to come. I have worked hard and been true to myself and can’t wait to work even harder side be side with Tom…truly one of the all time greats. He’s a badass but I don’t need to tell you or him that…he knows I think the world of him, his wife and their entire family. Thanks to Crystal and Andrea for always being the most amazing wives that two “scumbags” could ever ask for…

      We hope that you all have a great evening and stay safe out there. Have fun, be safe, and remember that a dead “Big Dick Millionaire” is worth nothing to us. (Just make sure that your surviving spouse still pays that credit card bill…totally not kidding about that…)

      2013 is going to be great. Why? Because it’s NOT 2012…that’s why!

      Fuck 2012…

      As Tom’s PopPop so eloquently put it…

      “When you’re gas tank is on empty…punch it.”

      Consider it punched.


      Posted By dan on December 31 2012 | Comments (11 )


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