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      There are times when we get our dicks get knocked in the dirt with the amazingness of our listeners. I’m not sure if you guys remember this, but remember when we did the “BDM Cribs Showdown” back in November? Well, we ended up crowning the winner of the show Jenna and her “Latin boyfriend” who just happened to not be at the house at the time. (Oooolala…) I believe that during the show or it might have been when we were chit-chatting after recording that we noticed that they had a hobby of making plastic 8-bit bead art. Jokingly, I said that I’d like for them to make our faces from the TomandDan.com website and damned if they didn’t do it! And it’s fucking OUTSTANDING!!! Thanks to Jenna and her boyfriend Carlos for taking the time to make these! They are now proudly displayed on the “Mediocre Fridge!” Thanks kids…truly one of the best handmade gifts that we’ve ever received. So good!

      Posted By dan on March 4 2014 | Comments (1 )


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