• May 09

    Rod Man Interview and Show #313 – But First


    Annoy Your Friends

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      Hey there gang!

      Sorry that it took me a day to get this recap and everything up on the site. Tom and I had to work the Orlando City game yesterday so we really didn’t have time to finish up all of the little things that we normally do after the show. Apologies. I know that most of you are beyond cool about something like this but I’m not a fan – I like to get everything done. “No blog left behind.”

      Thanks to Krista and all of our friends over at the Orlando Improv for setting up another great interview with a fantastic comic. Rod Man was a fantastic guest and a hella nice guy. If you get the time to head out to either of the shows tonight or maybe even the big Mother’s day bash that they’ve got going on, please make sure that you tell him that you heard him on the show! (Wear some gear if you can. They love that and so do we!)

      On today’s show:


      -Tom’s wife’s grandma was Mrs. Florida

      -Sexist contests

      -Dan cut his lip #Rubadoo

      -Tom and Ross fight

      -Argument day

      -Diablo sauce challenge

      -Don’t stop the train of thought

      -Call Tom’s wife and Dan’s mom, no one answers

      -Ross’ pickle jar coffee



      -Call back a guy that left a homophobic voicemail

      -Orgy advice from Tom

      -Tom and Dan pay for a BDM’s traffic ticket

      -The Winn-Dixie pullover

      -Penis size relates to pee stream?

      -Trainees at the doctor’s office

      -Blumpkins are fake

      -Levels of doo doo butt

      -Tom comes out of the closet

      -Showering debate

      Thanks as always for listening and we’ll see you guys next week! It’s going to be huge. We’ve got the cruise coming up and another full week of “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan” shows to produce before we set sail.

      All the best!


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