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    The “Ross Shirt.”


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      So most of you guys know that we’ve got Ross doing our news. Those of you that are new around here may not know that much about Ross but he’s been with us for a few years now and is certainly part of the “Tom & Dan” family. Whether it’s dressing up like Ben Franklin to make an appearance when we’ve double booked an event because we’re both bad at business or whether it’s sitting patiently while we derail his expertly picked news stories, Ross is always the best of sports. On top of that, he helps us and the wives while we attempt to pull off events, he works his balls off at his stand-up comedy, and he’s a stay at home Dad. The latter has produced three of the finest boys the world has ever seen. 3 little men all in Ross’ image. (I know Tom is laughing at that part.)

      We now present the shirt that celebrates the third wheel of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” A shirt that not only gives the nod to Ross’ amazing speed in combat boots but was designed 100% by his youngest son, known to the world as the artist “Little Guy.” Throw Ross a bone and scoop up the only shirt that innocently celebrates the fact that dicks should count in hangman. (“Little Guy” just drew his line a little long…but we can’t stop laughing at this!!!)

      All proceeds will go to Ross after Tom and Dan take out their massive percentage and recoup the cost of making these expensive ass shirts.



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