• Mar 09

    SHOW #152 – WORST SHOW EVER. DON’T DOWNLOAD. (Show Rundown…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      First of all, we’re sorry. We’re sorry about how tired we are today. We blew it. This is the worst show that we’ve ever done…bottom line. We know it. And we’re willing to except it. It’s cool. Tom is super tired from the day job and I’ve been dealing with some family issues and I’m stretched a little too thin. It’s cool…I’m sure you’ll find a few gems in there.


      Included in today’s show:

      Mystery Science Porno Theater 3000

      …Counting Sheep

      What’s wrong with Ben Franklin

      Tudd…Samuel calls in

      EJ’s fat assistant

      The size of toilets

      French Fries and Tony Robin’s Teeth


      As I type this…Tom is cracking up. Seriously. A long day and not the best show that we’ve done…but at least we’re honest with you about that. We’re not gonna try to BS ya…

      Don’t forget about Día de los Mediocres…at Wall Street Cantina on the 31st of March. It’s gonna be a hell of a good time!!!

      We’ll make up for it next week,


      Posted By dan on March 9 2012 | Comments (12)

      • Bt

        It wasnt bad, I enjoyed it! Was good to watch live again and you guys do alot so its all good

      • http://www.facebook.com/MasterofDVD Thomas Stark

        I never get to watch the show live but I caught it for a few minutes today.  After a few minutes I had to turn it off but not because of quality….it just feels weird to watch you guys.  I’ve listened to you guys talk for fucking years and it is just odd as hell to see a visual accompaniment.  

      • Handy_J

        Business as usual here, you guys are tired and horny. Liked the MSPT3K.

      • jwiatrak

        Of course the show was good, you guys are the funniest motherfuckers in the world.  This goes way back to an earlier show, but has there ever been a movie made where humans completely fuck up the invading aliens with our actual weapons and not some bullshit random thing like water or a virus?  I want to see a movie where the alien’s weakness is our fucking bullets and giant bombs and as soon as they try something they get dominated.

      • Ungodly Evil

        Ok, the show sucked. How about that quality guarantee? I wasted bandwidth on this shit. I demand a refund.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7HOYNWM7DJQWMPN5BHWOPE6ZEU James

        It is what it was billed as “A Mediocre Time”…. perfect

      • http://twitter.com/Nikki_Ryan Nikki Ryan

        I watched about half of it then my ADD kicked in and I started playing video games. Don’t be too hard on yourselves, I forgive you…just don’t do it again lol love you guys.

      • ALufkin

        Is it awkward that as you started playing the porn I knew exactly which one you were watching……..now I’m a scumbag.

      • Partyguy407

        The first 10 mins was great… Listening to you two justifying the “Big Ole Dicks” drops…Classic!! Any show is better than no show,flyin off the cuff,going with the flow…Thats what make the show great…Uncensored,Uncut…

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