• Aug 17

    Show #173 – Putin Breaks Kid’s Arms! (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Hi there and welcome to Show #173 of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan!” Tom was having more car issues so today’s show was a quirky but a goodie. Thanks to Ross and Samantha for stopping by and hanging out with us. (Samantha smells better than Ross who drove his motorcycle to the show today in a Florida storm and got soaking wet. Nice job, Ross!)

      On today’s show:

      Tom’s car troubles

      Sleep masks

      Swingers Clubs

      Samantha the Quarry Intern

      “Always Expect the Worst!” – Tom

      Candy Fun Movie Time

      Pussy Riot

      Vladimir Putin = Real Man

      We love you J Medicine Hat…

      Seeing BH’s


      Thanks for listening and supporting the show. Thanks to those of you that have taken the time to go to the iTunes profile that we have rate us 5 stars. It really, really helps us out when you do that and when you tell your friends! Thanks again…


      Posted By dan on August 17 2012 | Comments (10)

      • jpop100

        Soviet Russia wasn’t exactly atheistic. The government was but the people still worshipped in secret and it almost took on an oversized importance due to the repression. It’s very complicated but due to russian mafia taking over the government in the 90’s, the people desired law and order and the russian orthodox church was seen as a way to restore morals, and strongmen like Putin use that burgeoning faith in the nation to take control of society and crush dissidents.


      • @vagnermachado

        Cant wait to listen to this one!!! The Show is geting better and better and i guess soon u can change the Shows’ name to ” An Average time with Tom and Dan” I kid guys, you always deliver countless laughs!!

      • DooDooJudo

        He’s not breaking the kids arm. He’s setting up for a throw (ippon). In the next frame he would spin to his left and hoist the child over his hip, high into the air and then deposit him flat on his back while following the child to the ground, landing with his forearm across the child throat, suffocating him until he passes out. Just sayin’

      • J.R.

        Is that kid wearing a Gi or a bathrobe? His babushka must have made it.

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