• Oct 19

    SHOW #182 – RABBIT FROM “SUPER TROOPERS” (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      So today we had in Erik Stolhanske from “Super Troopers” and “Beerfest” on the show today. Just like we told you in the Tom and Dan #Snootsletter that we never planned that. It just so happens that Tom knows a girl named Tiffany that married Steve Leme…and then we know Tiffany (Tiffany Martin formally of Dollface) and she sent our buddy Brit George and Erik our way. He’s in a new movie called “RockBarnes” that’s appearing tomorrow night (Sat. Oct. 19th) at the Cobb 12 theater downtown Orlando.If you get the chance…make sure you check it out. He’s a great guy and we were really, really happy to have him on the podcast. For those of you that were looking for new merch…it’s there…we’ve got brand new breast cancer “Trombone Titties” shirts and new Tom and Dan “comfort” shirt. Be sure to get a size larger if you’re “muffin-ie.” Seriously. We really care about you guys and really want you to wear these shirts…it’s a proud and big deal for us to see you cats walking around with our gear on. We get a massive kick out of it. Truly.

      Here’s a gratuitous picture of his rad fake leg!

      To you all…we love ya…be sure to rate us 5-stars on iTunes and we’ll see you in a week.


      Posted By dan on October 19 2012 | Comments (2267 )


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