• Dec 21

    Show #191 – Tom and Ross: Xmas Brothers. (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends


      Merry Christmas and a very Happy Holidays to all of you downloaders, “Scumbags” and “Big Dick Millionaires!” We’re so glad to have all of you on board and we want to wish all of you the most wonderful and fantastic holiday season! We’ve had a tough go…and it’s gonna be fantastic to start a new year and see where “T&D” goes! You’re all with us and we thank you for that! Thanks for the 5 Star Ratings on iTunes and for the reviews…you guys are fantastic and super funny. It means the world to us…thanks again for the support. Words cannot express the feeling that we get when you tell us that you love the show. Thanks!

      Today was our “Free Friday” Christmas episode. (If you don’t know what “Free Friday” is…well…that’s the original podcast. We’ve always done a free Friday show and always will. That will NEVER go away. We are under the impression that we should never take anything away from you guys. We love you and your loyalty and we will only “add too” and NEVER “take away.” If you do want more of us, then you can feel free to subscribe to our “BDM” membership…you’ll find that under the “subscribe” feature of TomandDan.com. It helps us to keep the studio running and obviously helps out Dan…he’s a jobless bum now…and you’re pretty much looking at his new job.

      On today’s show:

      “Quack Like a Duck”

      The Snootio

      Post Office Ruiners

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      Free shirt for G-ma pics

      Diamond Level Members

      Draft Systems

      Feliz Navidav

      Fanny Packs

      Bear Fights

      Uno Fingering

      Thanks as always for listening and supporting us! Download, tell your friends and give us a 5-star rating on iTunes! We can’t thank you enough…truly…you guys are the frigg’n best!

      Have a very, very, happy holiday!


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