• Mar 29

    Show #205 – Joseph Marten, & the Scooter Shooter. (Show Recap…)


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      Today was a fantastic and historical day for the podcast. For those of you that know me from Real Radio 104.1, one of the things that truly made me happy during my time there was our ability to bring you guys programs that were insanely odd and creative. “Sunday Morning Coming Down” was that program and today on the show we have singer, songwriter, founding member of the the Hindu Cowboys, Mr. Joseph Marten. Joseph is such a great guy and I haven’t seen him for about a year or at least back when he was up at the station doing the Sunday morning gig. He’s got a massive “SMCD” live gig that’s going to be on April 7th from 10am-8pm. Both me and Tom are going to be out there with the wives and we’re also apparently going to be hosting “Dunk Tank Karaoke!” This is going to be a great event and we can’t wait to head out there and be a part of it. Don’t forget that we’ve got ping-pong tonight (Friday, March 29th) at Caddy Shanks in Baldwin and we’re going to have a great time just hanging out, playing games and drinking beer. We’ve got our 4 Year Anniversary on the 13th of April at Hooch on Wall Street and it’s going to be fantastic. Free mason jars for the first 150 people, pictures with the “All-American” camel girl, Music by Terri Binion and Jessica Daumen. (You’re going to know Jessy from our “Fiddlin’ Titties” video. Crazy stuff…she’s so talented.) We also talk to D.Rugg and get a few movie reviews and we talk about our friend Bill who apparently lost his mind this week. 

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