• Apr 26

    Show #209 – Danger Brain and the Pee Condom. (Show Recap…)


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      There are very few times when we have a full docket but today was one of those days. First and foremost we had Kostya Kimlat, our magician friend, back into the show with another one of his magician buddies. This time it was Orlando Magic magician and entertainment and comedy producer Darren Rockwell! Not only was Darren a wonderful guest but Kostya left the studio with a trick that can only be experienced when you witness the Tom and Dan private bathroom. (Most of you WILL NOT experience the Tom and Dan private bathroom. Just a heads up.) Truthfully amazing and always a pleasure to have those guys in the studio. If you have the opportunity, please go and check them out and make sure that you let them know where you heard about them. They’re extremely humble and cool people that just want people to enjoy magic.

      After that we were lucky enough to have the agency that branded our show in to talk about design and how one gets into design. We’re beyond lucky to be working with one of the most talented and fun design agencies in all of the world; The Danger Brain. Don’t ask us how we got involved with them. It’s a very long and boring story…a little of which will be in today’s show and nothing that’s truly important. Just know that Tom and I are grateful and it was beyond cool to have them come in and hack it out with us in the #Snootio. They do design work for a lot of the major YouTube stars and we’re defiantly dragging down their resume. With that said, we couldn’t be more boiled over to have them working with us and they’re some of the finest people that we know.

      We finish everything off by hearing a family stories from the brother of Tom’s wife. (We’ll leave it at that in case the kids are listening…seriously.) This is one of the greatest stories that we’ve ever told or had told on the cast.

      Thanks for listening folks…


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