• Mar 07

    Show #243 – Dan Cummins


    Annoy Your Friends


      Today started off a little different than a lot of the days we have in the studio. Harkening back to our morning radio days, Tom and I met super, super early because Tom had set up an interview LIVE in the studio. Most of you that listen on the regular know that almost everything that we do, we do LIVE and during the recorded show. Now, let’s be clear with something; we don’t do this because we don’t like pre-recorded interviews. It’s just sort of the pattern of behavior that we’ve fallen into. Which is completely ironic because most of you don’t catch the show live anyway…so who the fuck cares! Hahaha. With that said, we had the opportunity to have touring comedian Dan Cummins in-studio on the same junket tour for the Orlando Improv as all of the other regular, old radio stations. Look at us! All fucking grown up and shit! Amazing!

      Dan was a fantastic guest and we hope that you really, really enjoy this unedited straight 45 minute interview as much as we enjoy conducting it! Don’t forget that Dan is at the Orlando Improv all weekend and if you’re going to see him, make sure that you mention that you heard him on “A Mediocre Time.” He’s a super, super cool guest and we were more than happy to have him on the program! To get more information on what he’s doing, where he’s going to be, and other things that he might be dabbling with, feel free to hit up DanCummins.tv.


      On today’s show:

      Angry T’s and Muscle P’s

      The Two Scoot Freakout


      Cussing at old ladies

      Traffic Stories

      Dr. Ross

      Can’t Wipe This



      It was an awesome time! See you guys next week!


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