• May 28

    Show #368 – Steve Lemme – SuperTroopers2


    Annoy Your Friends


      Happy weekend, all!

      I hope that this post finds you all well and enjoying the holiday weekend so far! Tom is off to Miami to celebrate the boy’s birthdays and I’m going to keep trying to dial in my anxiety and spend some much needed time with the ladies. (Oh – and I think that I’m going to Disney on Monday so if you happen to be out there or see me out, make sure and get at me. I’d love to touch tips.)

      With that said – thanks to all of the guests, Samantha, Ross, and all who stopped by today. (My wife even was able to make it by and that really is a treat. All bullshit aside – she’s the fucking best. THE BEST.)

      On today’s show:

      -The Porkie’s fundraiser for John Nutter raised $6,400

      -Tom and Dan love to make fun of bikers…but why?

      -EJ calls about Megacon.

      -The clock master sits in.

      -Ticky Tockman and Supie Kent.

      -Sandy sex.

      -Steve Lemme calls in.

      -Turtle shell balls.

      -Richard Simmons is dying!

      -Dude Mountain.

      -Snake vs Dan.

      Thanks to all of you for taking the time to catch us live, and most importantly thanks for downloading us and keeping the show moving. It truly means more to us than you could ever, EVER know and please know that. On that note – I’ve got to close the studio and get to dinner with the ladies. Sorry to cut this short. It seems that we’ve got less and less time these days. All love folks and you’ll hear us soon.


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