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    Annoy Your Friends

      Screen Shot 2017-09-02 at 8.45.28 AM“Tom, Dan, and comedian Guy Torry.”

      Hey there gang!

      Happy weekend and I hope this episode write-up finds you well! Me and Andrea are about to pull the trigger on the “Ultimate Pancake” recipe that’s on the back of the Bisquick box. Who the f*&^ knows if it’s going to be any good or not – but we’re gunna do it. (If you know the absolute best way to make pancakes, email me: dan@tomanddan.com – I’d love to hear what works best for you!)

      Yesterday was a heavy recording day! Tom, Samantha, Lee and I are going to be taking off Monday for a bit of family Labor Day fun, so we had to get a few shows in the can. Most of you already know this, but that means that we need to pre-record an ACT for Monday, a BDM show for all of you amazing BDM members, and an OG plus 1 rereleased older show. For a lot of people, that would be an uncomfortable amount of recording. It’s funny because for me and TC, that’s next to nothing. Here’s a fun fact; if I remember correctly, me and TC have recorded in upwards of 6-7 shows in one day. I believe that was back when we were preparing for the birth of my daughter. Som much in fact that when we got done, we both collapsed on the studio couch with a beer in our hands and said that our heads hurt! True story.

      I think that recording for that long has an interesting effect on the show. It’s almost as if we get warmed up and more silly after recording more than normal. Yesterday’s Friday Free Show was just that; more silly than normal and we hope that you all have as much fun as we did recording it. (Also, I think that you BDM members are going to really enjoy the BDM shows too. We were really in rare form and the BDM show was completely off the rails!)

      On this week’s show:

      -Bubba calls for help. (Bad idea!)

      -Tom tries to hook up Tuddle and Bubba as roommates

      -90’s-O-meter is off the charts

      -Corpus crispy

      -Muffington Huffington and Rapefruit Grapefruit



      -Tree frogging

      -Grinding out a grumpy

      -Yell your dreams

      -Wheelies over his junk

      Well, that’s about it for all of us, folks. Tom and I hope that you have a truly amazing holiday weekend and please stay safe out there. I know that we talk a lot about beers and drinking but please know that with all of that said, we want you to be safe. Don’t take stupid chances and ruin yours or someone else life. Call the Uber – or text or Facebook me! I’ll call it for you!

      Have a wonderful Labor Day and we’ll see you next week!


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