• Feb 22

    Tom and Dan present: Ross-Cam – Hunting for Pigs Feet


    Annoy Your Friends

      Posted By dan on February 22 2013 | Comments (10)

      • KJ

        Someone is going to walk into that Winn Dixie, ask the sweet ol’ granny where the F’ing pigs feet are, and run away laughing!

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          We hope not. She was sweet. Don’t be pieces of shit.

      • http://twitter.com/DoubleDag Ben Bacharach-White

        Did that douche on a bicycle pop a wheelie??? hahaha

        • http://twitter.com/sunjana1 Jana

          Classic Baldwin Park.

      • http://www.facebook.com/TheGreatPhilKenSebben Rusty Bryant

        This is the greatest video you guys have ever done. Seriously. I almost pissed myself laughing when Tom said “I’ll give you $100 if you work the N word in there.”

      • Kenny

        Hope to see more of this stuff in the future! I like when Ross clammed up because an old lady walked by.

      • Benmark

        Pig foot Millionaires!

      • Dick Biggens

        Should I be responsible with the screenshot of that credit card?

      • Steve

        Like how Ross tried to go around to pass Greg Biffle t-shirt redneck

      • Ashley M.

        Whats the round table called that knights sit at?! Hahaha. Best video ever.


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