• Mar 30

    Tom & Dan Shoot Guns – Video Highlights


    Annoy Your Friends

      This past week, we finally got around to taping the BDM Member Show, “Tom & Dan Shoot Guns.” Yeah. It was really, really fun and it’s only 8 months in the making but yeah…we were gun crazy. Enjoy the video highlights from our day out and the BDM show should be up a little bit later tomorrow afternoon in the “Archives” section of TomandDan.com. Tom’s back in town and we should be back on a normal schedule for a little bit. Thanks to the guys for taking the time to show off their collection of weapons and for allowing us to blow shit up. It was amazingly cathartic and tons more manly when it comes to “picking the sides of your thumbs” than painting them. So there’s that.

      Have a great week!


      Posted By dan on March 30 2014 | Comments (8)

      • BgPappa

        RIP Dinky the Drunk.
        While you may have been a radio clown, you were still a radio clown.

      • Stephen Ryan

        Holy shit, that was badass

      • big rick


      • TomsTounge

        Marble Marble Marble Moth-er Pawker

      • Rakesh Mungal

        RIP Dinky the Drunk…you will be remembered…unfortunately…

      • Johnny Gerhardt

        Bang-Bang Bros! Thanks for the laughs!

      • Chadtropolis

        That was awesome! Love shooting guns. Great guncast. Now I must go re-listen and
        while shooting guns.

      • Charles from Macon

        Hopefully neither of you will ever have to “Stand Your Ground.”


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