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  • Oct 17

    Show #284 – Jay Pharoah


    Annoy Your Friends

      Show 284 Jay Pharoah

      Thanks to everyone for taking the time to download the show! We’ve really been having a rest time on the show lately and thanks, as always to the Orlando Improv for the help and for bringing Jay by. He was so fun and real! He and his sister are the f’n real deal! Suck good folks and we were more than happy to have them hang out with us! Much appreciated.

      On today’s show:

      Bundle of Drug Candies

      Tom Vann …

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      Posted By dan on October 17 2014 | Comments (0)

    • Oct 10

      Show #283 – Bat Boy


      Annoy Your Friends

        Show 283 Bat Boy


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        Posted By dan on October 10 2014 | Comments (1)

      • Oct 08

        Eating and growing peppers


        Annoy Your Friends

          Eating Growing Peppers

          I got my wife this tower garden for her push present. Apparently that’s a real thing where to give your wife a present for pooping out a human. But, ever since we put it together I have been growing all this stuff and my wife hasent really touched it. I am growing some eggplants, the nanny cooked one yesterday and it was delisious. Although apparently all the recipes for eggplant include frying them in batter. Which, I’m pretty sure if you fry …

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          Posted By tom on October 8 2014 | Comments (6)


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