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      Hey there kids!

      Another Dan “breakfast post.” The smell of bacon and eggs is still lingering in the air, and the ladies are trying to figure out what the hell we’re going to do today. I want to go to the pool but A and Mai want to go to the park. Why do I get the strange feeling that I’m going to get outnumbered on this one?!? It’s just too hot for the park! Dammit!

      So, this week was one for the books! We did some really, really, really amazing shows and had the honor of getting to spend more and more time with one of our favorite comedians, Bert Kreischer. Honestly, that dude could not be any cooler and if you have not already checked out our interview with him, please do. He insisted that we knock out 3 full hours of a show and then he even stuck around for ACT later that afternoon. He’s a frigg’n trooper! (He got a few more shows this weekend but as far as I know, almost all of the shows are already sold out. You might want to call The Orlando improv now if you’re on the fence about tickets.)

      As far as the Friday Free Show goes, we had a really great one of those as well. We had the opportunity to sit down with a current cam model and her boy friend go behind the scenes on how they use it as a business. It’s fairly interesting stuff and they were beyond cool to come on the show and be so candid. Here’s what else was on the show:

      -Tom got too drunk with Bert Kreischer

      -Tom’s muscle milk shoes

      -C*m box

      -Invisible poo

      -Road rage

      -John Depp

      -Cam girl Cat

      -Poo poo goods

      -Big Tom Purple


      Well, that’s about it for us. That was one hell of a week of broadcasting and we really hope that all of you wonderful listeners out there really enjoy it. Tom and I had a fantastic time – we’re a little tired – but we’re more than ready to do it again next week and we hope that you’ll join us.

      All the best,


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