• Oct 13

    742-Ghost in the Meat

    TC Vann

    Annoy Your Friends


      **Full Show Notes for the T&D Friday Free Show LIVE Stream**:
      1. **Ian If’s Tarot Tales**: Special guest Ian If is present to provide tarot card readings, likely offering comedic and peculiar insights into the hosts’ futures.
      2. **Supernatural Steak**: “Ghost in the meat” perhaps involves a bizarre or humorous story relating to supernatural beliefs and possibly some questionable meat.
      3. **Sam’s Symbolic Numbers**: Discussion around Sam experiencing frequent occurrences of the numbers 3 and 6, potentially diving into numerology or coincidental phenomena.
      4. **The Devil’s In The Details**: A noteworthy tarot card, Sam ends her reading on the Devil, possibly sparking conversations about future predictions or metaphorical life hurdles.
      5. **Tom’s Respect Rant**: Tom expresses a desire for respect, perhaps sharing anecdotes where he felt undervalued or unappreciated.
      6. **Mystical Misinterpretations**: The “Nine of Claws” likely serves as a comedic misnaming of a tarot card, leading to light-hearted discussions or interpretations.
      7. **Dan the Magician**: Insights into Dan’s selfish magician character, perhaps via tarot interpretation, leading to reflections on selfishness and personal growth.
      8. **Relationship Revelations**: Discussion on whether Dan is headed for divorce based on tarot reading or personal anecdote, exploring relationship dynamics humorously.
      9. **Andrea Speaks**: Andrea’s statement could relate to any of the prior topics, offering a personal perspective or sharing her own story.
      10. **Dan’s Disheveled Sleep**: Anecdote of Dan passing out at his bed’s foot, possibly leading to discussions on exhaustion, work-life balance, or just being hilariously relatable.
      11. **Gabagool Gag**: Likely a humorous segment revolving around Italian-American slang, accents, or perhaps a related incident.
      12. **Mushroom Musings**: Talk about mushrooms might involve cooking, foraging, or perhaps a bizarre story involving the fungi.
      13. **Pop Culture Pondering**: “What’s Mr. Skin up to?” potentially involves updates or nostalgic talk about the infamous website, exploring changes in content consumption over time.
      14. **Wild Encounters**: The “grizzly attacks” likely involves recounting of actual events or hypothetical scenarios involving wildlife, sparking fear and awe.
      15. **Canine Cards**: “The 42 of Dogs” is presumably a comedic take on tarot readings, introducing a non-existent card that serves as a catalyst for entertaining conjecture.
      16. **Artistic Amusements**: Mention of PigTits painting and a business call might involve a funny anecdote where the background became an unexpected focal point of a professional interaction.
      17. **Jiffy Feet Jokes**: Potential exploration of “Jiffy Feet” – likely a light-hearted segment involving peculiar stories or theories.
      18. **Scooter Struggles**: Dan’s scooter predicaments invite sympathy, advice, or just friendly ribbing from the co-hosts.
      19. **Delivery Debacles**: Recurrent theme “Delivery strikes again” could involve fresh stories of food delivery mishaps or critiques.
      20. **Gilbert Momfried**: Likely a comedic misname or character involving impressions or peculiar stories regarding mothers or parenting.
      21. **Risky Business**: “Stunts gone wrong” probably involves recounting of risky endeavors that didn’t pan out as expected, either from personal experiences or viral stories.
      22. **Inappropriate Jest**: “Molester Jester” implies a dark-humor sketch or character, maneuvering through controversial comedy.
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