• Nov 06

    745 – Feeding the Ducks


    Annoy Your Friends


      **Full Show Notes:**

      On this unmissable episode of Tom & Dan LIVE STREAM:

      – **Comedy Central**: Tom and Dan share their experience at Dave Chappelle’s show at the Amway Center. Hear what it’s like to be phone-free and immersed in the world of comedy.

      – **Smoke Gets in Your Eyes**: The guys recount the surreal moment when Dave Chappelle lit up inside the arena, sparking a smoky revolution among the attendees.

      – **Robot Rampage**: In-studio combat robot builders take the spotlight, showcasing their creations by laying waste to one of Sam’s office toys.

      – **Bungalower’s Back**: Brendan from Bungalower drops in to give us the lowdown on his adventurous assignment for Orlando Magazine, including a leather bar and encounters with a sexy Hagrid.

      – **Bath House Chronicles**: Brendan shares titillating tales of bath houses and the coded language like “feeding the ducks” within the Orlando gay community.

      – **Financial Faux Pas**: We tackle the mysterious “T&D Medical” bank account issue that’s been raising eyebrows.

      – **Wardrobe Malfunctions**: Tom recounts the hilarious story of how his button blew off his jeans and took a dive into the toilet – and the ingenuity it took to retrieve it.

      – **Tom’s Top Five**: Despite a lack of enthusiasm, Tom delivers a top 5 list that’s sure to entertain, albeit with a touch of reluctance.

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