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    758 – Shaq & Gagman


    Annoy Your Friends


      Thanks so much to those of you who caught the livestream! And thanks again to Ross for his time today, and make sure you go like and subscribe to his podcast, too! Happy Super Bowl weekend, and I hope you guys make the most of it. Eat wings, kiss your significant other, don’t drink and drive, and have a candy bar. – d

      – **Maisie’s Encounter**: Maisie met Mama Kelce, sparking an unexpected series of events.
      – **Gym Antics**: Ross and Shaq’s hot tub moment in the gym.
      – **Inside Information**: Tom devises an elaborate plan to befriend Mama Kelce for inside gambling tips.
      – **Superbowl Traditions**: A discussion on the use of Roman numerals in the Superbowl.
      – **The Year Ahead**: Proclaiming this as “The Year of Enemies.”
      – **A Canine Adventure**: Ross’s temporary dog-napping escapade.
      – **Retail Rumbles**: An altercation at Costco and a memorable encounter with Mrs. Shaq at the self-checkout.
      – **Tom’s Philosophy**: “That’s 48 socks you gotta shit in,” a unique take from Tom Vann.
      – **Travel Tales**: Delving into the necessity of Nepal shit bags.
      – **Celebrity Sightings**: Back to stories about Shaq, including autographs and encounters.
      – **Character Chronicles**: The intriguing tales of Runny Nose Man, also known as Gag King, and his interactions with Shaq.
      – **Musical Moments**: Reflecting on “Short People” by Randy Newman and a special needs Randy Newman impersonation.

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