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    BDM Member Time Lapse Video – Summer 2014


    Annoy Your Friends

      I’m really sorry that it took me so long to get this posted. In the near future, we’re really going to make an effort to ensure that we get web content out in a bit more of a timely basis. We’re all busy (yes…I’m including you guys in there too. Hell, a good deal of you are busier than we are and we’re f’n slammed!) We all know how it is. You have the best intentions of getting everything done in one day and that’s just not possible. It still bothers us when we’re a few weeks off in getting things released or out when they might be a bit more relevant. I’m sure you understand. With all of that said, thanks to all of you wonderful BDM for coming to our 2014 Summer event at Johnny’s Other Side. Also major love and thanks to By The Robinson’s Photography for taking time from their jam packed schedule to make this photo-booth happen. The T&D event photo-booth is as much a tradition as the camel girl and we’re more than happy to pass on some love to both Nate and Becka. If you’re in need of any photography goodness – and we all know that there are some of you out there who could really use a little help – please hit them up and tell them that we sent you. And on that note, our day will begin as we interview Mr. Jeff Howell for “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan.” It should be a goodie!

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