• Feb 21

    BDM’s of Brevard Meet-Up! (Unofficial)


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      Brevard Meet up

      Major love and big ups to all who came out to the BDM’s of Brevard – Tom & Dan Meet-Up yesterday. Tom and I are sorry that we couldn’t make it. (Tom has guests in town and my dog was busy trying to eat through the floor and my wife was in tears. Yeah. Fantastic shit.) Please know that if we can make it and it’s possible, we’ll do our best to get out there to hang with you guys! It does both of our hearts good to see you guys take the fucking bull by the horns and plan such amazing events! From the pictures that I’m seeing on Facebook it looks like you guys had a killer time and shut the fine people of Bugnutty Brewing Company DOWN!!! Fan-fucking-tastic and the Bugnutty folks are great! Please give them some love from us! Congrats guys! Thanks for being and continuing to be the best listeners in the world! If you would like to plan a meet-up of your own and need a banner, coozies, some other swag – hit us up at Show@TomandDan.com and Tom and I will do everything possible to make sure that you get the gear that you need!

      All love,


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