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    BONUS SHOW – Carmen Morales/Bryan Vokey


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      Happy Wednesday, gang!

      I know that typically we’re in the studio, hammering out a new “A Gentleman’s Guide to Manliness” or some “A Corporate Times” or something like that but oddly enough, we’re still on a little bit of a break. Tom should be on his way to Miami or Marco. Samantha is probably at Disney or doing something really cool with her husband. And Butler is probably at a new dispensary that popped up and that he has yet to try out. Hahaha… With that said, for those of you that are back to work – don’t feel bad. So am I. I’m actually at the studio right now uploading this and also looking into why our Twitch cameras have been getting all wonky lately. I get it. Then again, I really enjoy working and love what I do. But enough about that…

      We have amazing friends and one of our greatest comedian friends is Camen Morales. She was in town for the holidays and even brought by a fellow comedian by the name of Bryan Vokey. Great folks and it’s always a pleasure to have her and her friends stop by. They also have a podcast called “No Sir I Don’t Like It.” If you’d like to check out, use the link HERE:¬†https://www.nosirpod.com/¬†They’re great folks and it’s a really funny show.

      With all of that said, have a fantastic Wednesday, please enjoy this T&D bonus show, and stay safe out there. People are insane.

      All the best,


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