• Jan 10

    My favorite iPhone picture. (and my favorite picture of how I SHOULD be living…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      With the inception of the “smart phone”, we now have the ability to take pictures of tons of shit that our parents and even grandparents never got the chance to photograph. I mean…having a bad-ass little camera in your pocket allows you to snap all sorts of pictures…even ones that you don’t want…with reckless abandonment. Remember when pictures cost you or your parents money? I can full on remember my Dad bitching because we took a shit ton of bad pictures with his 35mm camera and he had to pay to get them developed and they were straight up SHIT! I mean…nothing but blurs and overexposed lights…and the same pictures of our cocker spaniel but just one centimeter to the left or right because we truly didn’t know how to operate the camera. (…it was a Minolta and Dad thought he was fucking Ansel Adams when he bought it at Montgomery Ward! Or was it Service Merchandise???)

      My point? I take a good deal of photos and this is one of my favorites of all-time. I’m not going to pretend that I set it up…I was just messing around and that little muppet of a dog popped his head in at the last second. A mistake that my Dad would have once bitched about…became a funny and cute picture.

      Oh…and to rinse the taste of “über cute” out of your mouthes…here’s a picture of 80’s Bon Jovi living the life that both Tom and I would like to live NOW!

      Until later,


      Posted By dan on January 10 2012 | Comments (10 )


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