• Apr 09

    Piñata: Shit Stomped. (The Video…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      While digging on YouTube for videos of the rape scene from the movie “The Hills Have Eyes,” I just happen to type in our show’s name and this little beauty popped up! (Thanks to all of you that took video and pictures.) We’re still waiting on the pictures from Brent ( brentmathewsphotography.com ) …I know he’s super busy and was in the middle of editing the last time that I spoke to him. Mad thanks to him for taking time out of his busy schedule to even show up and snap a few pix for all of us “scumbags.” Oh…the video! Right…well, you’re going to see our friend Alice jump in and shit stomp that piñata to death…and then start throwing candy to every one in the crowd! Haha…nice work, my dear. You truly saved the day!!! (You’ll remember her as one of the two ladies that had their faces painted!)

      Enjoy the video and if you need any photography for you life…hit up Brent at the we site listed above!


      Posted By dan on April 9 2012 | Comments (4385 )


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