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    Scott McKenzie.


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      I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I knew Scott well.

      I did not.

      As a young broadcaster learning the ropes in the early 90’s, I knew of him. There was NO way to NOT know of him. “Scott and Erica” on Mix 105.1 were the hottest show in town. People loved them. People loved him. I mean…LOVED THEM/HIM!

      I met him once and he was nothing but fantastically nice and encouraging.

      I’ll never forget when I bought a Vespa for my wife at Vespa of Winter Park; we really didn’t need it but the temptation of two wheels for us both was far too great! The gentleman/owner/clerk/whatever asked me “What do you do for a living?” … “I work for a radio station.” … “Oh yeah? Which one?” … “Real Radio 104.1…I’m on the Monsters in the Morning.” … “Never heard of it…but Scott McKenzie comes in here ALL the time to service his scoot, and now that…that’s radio!”

      He was right.

      That WAS radio. To this day and as an avid “drum-beater” for broadcasting that’s less traditional or terrestrial…Scott will go down as the single nicest and best person in radio that I have EVER met. He was THAT guy.

      I never got to ride scooters with Scott but every time that I do I will think of him. That moment at the Vespa dealer taught me the type of influence that a broadcaster can have on people by being honest, genuine, and kind. To be like Scott. 

      Here’s to the far too few “good guys” in radio.

      Here’s to Scott McKenzie.

      Whether he likes it or not – he’s the king of Orlando radio.


      Because he’s kind.


      Posted By dan on August 11 2015 | Comments (4)

      • Katie

        Very sweet tribute. You know you’ve lived a good life if no one on the face of the earth can utter a bad word about you. From what I’ve been told, Scott was, in fact, THAT guy. So many scumbags walking this earth and HE gets cancer. Life is so unfair. RIP Scott.

      • Dan

        You never really know how much of an impact a person has had until they pass. Seeing the tributes such as your is a testament to how Scott lived his life. He gave everything to this business and somehow still had time to be a husband and father. The face of Orlando radio will never be the same.To his wife Fran and daughter Lauren, the biggest thank you for sharing him with us for thew last 24 years!!! Rest in Peace Scott!!

      • T.B.

        It’s so awesome that you put up this tribute. Radio is fickle… so
        many people come and go, and many of them don’t have the staying power,
        or the ability to have such an impact on an individual, that Scott had.
        And it’s true that you never realize how much someone means to you until
        they’re suddenly gone. From a loyal 105.1 and loyal Tom and Dan
        listener, thanks, guys, for your tribute. R.I.P. Scott.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          He was the man. Tom and I try to be a little bit more like him with all of our listeners. They are the MOST important thing that we interact with and Scott knew it. Thanks for the message. :)


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