• Aug 24

    Show #174 – Thanks Mr. Marcus (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

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      Thanks to Ross and Mrs. Ross for stopping by today and taking a tour of the 17 story mansion. I’m sorry that the pools were all closed for a private function. Next time we’ll have a BBQ. Also thanks to Samantha for stopping by and holding down the fort when Ross had to dip. You’re the best, kid!

      On today’s show:

      Listening to poop

      Diabetes Day

      A check in call from Tiffany in LA

      Tiffany’s bed is sponsored

      Service dogs

      #1 Orlando Podcast in LA

      @Tiffworld or @WeAreDollface

      Yahya Jammeh

      Pussy Admiral Hats

      Mr. Marcus caused it all!

      Thanks to all of you for listening and for supporting the show. Make sure and head over to iTunes and rate the show 5 stars. That helps us too! If you want to see us do more of this stuff, more parties, and just keep this train chugging along…it really helps us when you support us, help to spread the word, and support our sponsors.

      See you next week,


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