• Sep 13

    Show #177 – Tom and Dan Phone it in at a bar. (Show recap…)


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      Tom is going out of town to Key West for his annual Key West Poker Run so we had to do the show a little bit earlier this week. We tried to set everything up and do a normal show for you but because of the apple iPhone 5 announcement, we weren’t able to log on to Ustream to get everything going. Never the matter because we just decided to take the mobile unit up the street and do a “Tom and Dan go to” show…but this time we were really phoning it in…we went to the bar! Much like the original “Tom and Dan go to” show…we ended up just having a few beers and shooting the S. Nothing fancy…nothing planned. Enjoy.


      Posted By dan on September 13 2012 | Comments (9)

      • West

        love the bar talk.

      • unforgiven81

        what would it be??? cliffhanger…

      • http://www.facebook.com/MasterofDVD Thomas Stark

        One of the best shows since Anger Bees/Peppers debacle!

      • http://www.last.fm/user/Konfig--- StrangeBlackCat

        This was great. Had a bit of a rough day, you guys can always make me laugh. Thanks for the show.

      • sober/evil mcnasty

        Tom’s response to the final question, “diarrhea”, though seemingly thoughtless and immature, has such deep meaning when you begin to analyze it. Did he mean that life, stinky as it is, just keeps dumping an endless stream of shit on him? Or does it imply that with everything he’s forced to put up with (i.e. “eating peppers”), he feels like he isn’t allowed to really digest it all and squeeze us out the firm, healthy movement he really wants to drop on our, the listiner’s, collective chest. Either way, he cleans up quick and does his best to minimize the splatter.

        Daniel on the other hand, as usual, delivers such a poignant and highly complex moment, that one’s mind is left staggering to find meaning. I can’t even begin to define the profoundness of your response. How does one choose a single word to describe their life? I doubt the most deep-thinking philosophers of any time could have provided a response more thought-provoking, appropriate and enlightening.

        Kudos, gentlemen. The official podcast of existentialism.

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