• Sep 27

    Show #179 – D. Rugg’s Movie Review and Ross is fired. (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Today was a crazy day! Just SO much going on…and so much fun. It’s hard for me to type this because everything is starting to blend together. First of all…Happy Birthday to Ross and we had a blast of a time out with him at The Other Bar to see his open mic night and to celebrate his birth. We love you Ross…you’re the man and we’re really glad that you joined us. Thanks for letting us give you $h1t. Today we had in Erick Feling, a local comic that we met at Ross’ open mic, and a great local comic. (Hell of a great guy that you guy can catch any time in Orlando! Support local comedy! Check out this live…) So we’ve got that…and then we got to talk to the actual creator of “Fart-O-Gram”, Adam Kling! We pitch a few of our own “Fart-O-Gram” for him…and it went…not…so…good. Then we get a movie review from Da Mohawk Don – D. Rugg!!! You’re going to love that…

      Thanks for listening and thanks for spreading the word! All love!


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