• May 03

    Show #210 – Funky Bunch and Emergency Whiskey (Show Recap…)


    Annoy Your Friends

      Emergency Whiskey

      Thanks to all of the “scumbags” that tuned in LIVE for today’s show. We had a great show and tons of fun hanging with Ross, Pedro Lima, Samantha, Floridaldo, and our special guest Attorney Joe Hunchuck. (If you need some legal advice, hit him up. Joseph Hunchuck P.A. He’s a former sheriff deputy and seems to be a nice guy. Thanks to him for coming in and hanging out.) Today’s show was frigg’n amazingly funny. We hope you have as much fun as we did today!

      On today’s show:

      What am I thinking right now?


      Reese Witherspoon-American Citizen

      News Lasers from Ross

      100 Angry Sherpas

      Emergency Whiskey

      Kill the Kids Before Anything Goes Wrong

      Carmen Morales live from Iowa

      Funky Bunchin’!

      Thanks again to all of you that subscribe to the show on iTunes. I know a good deal of you are NOT fans of the iTunes and that’s cool. Just know that if you do download and leave us a 5-star review that it really, really, really does help us out. We get on the front page of iTunes and that helps us get a bunch of new people listening to the show.

      All love,


      Posted By dan on May 3 2013 | Comments (5)

      • newimage

        those obnoxious ustream ads every 5 min making listening live almost impossible.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          …had no idea about that being that we can’t watch our own show live. So they cut in every 5 minutes or so and that’s disrupts the show? Have you tried using the App? Thanks for the heads up.

          • big rick

            the app is good but sometimes the show cuts off or if your phone doesn’t stay unlocked or on the app, the feed shuts off

            but yeah, u-stream lets you tell a joke and right when the punch line comes, CARS.COM IS YOUR ONLY SOURCE TO BUY A CAR ONLINE!

            • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

              This is all good to know. With all of the things that we’re trying to juggle at the moment it’s always nice to get constructive feedback. All too often we’re on the recieving end of the drunken “This sucks” or “I can’t figure out what the fuck is going on here…” This is far more productive. Thanks!

        • Ganster

          if you use google chrome get an “extension” called ad block, blocks ustream/youtube ads and other annoying ads on webpages. If you aren’t using google chrome, get it.


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