• Aug 22

    Show #276 – Tom Gets Drunk


    Annoy Your Friends

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      Thanks to everyone who took the time to download, participate, and listen to the show. We’re so lucky to have the greatest group of listeners EVER and the fact that you guys are all part of this is fantastic. Thanks again for being a part of this.

      On the forefront of this cast, please let me tell you that we’re welcoming our friend SBK into the independent broadcasting wilderness. We love him and we’re more than excited to welcome him! If you haven’t already checked out the SBKLIVE show, do yourself a favor and check him, Angel and Matt out. Just search for SBKLIVE in iTunes and if you do, please give them love and let them know that we here at “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” love them and love “indie broadcasting” beside them.

      So yes. This week, Tom gets drunk and it’s pretty f’n epic.

      On this week’s show:


      Tom’s riddled with anxiety and becomes Dan

      Grape Blue-dini

      Toms Heart Attack

      Ross’ workout

      Patty and the pickles

      Bad birthday parties

      Bully advice

      Porn Audio


      Thanks again guys! We love you and we’ll see you next week.


      Posted By dan on August 22 2014 | Comments (4)

      • Aaron Smith

        SBK is awesome. It’ll be good for the podcast to have him on stand-by when Tom’s heart inevitably explodes!

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          We hope that’s not true but we’re sure that SBK appreciates the love. He’s a good dude.

      • Russ

        It’s just too bad that the raging, massive, ginormous, passive-aggressive ego monster that dwells in the monster cave wearing the title “host” (you know, the one with the repetitive initials) continues to claim victims, sacrificing real talent on the altar of mediocrity. When is the station going to wake up, fire him and give that show to Jimmy with enough of a budget to try to repair a little of the damage? I mean, the ego monster would be much happier relegated to a podcast where he can gush about how happy his home life is and how perfect his 12th wife is from kiss bumper song to stryper bumper song, so why not let him? Sooner or later that ego will break the confines of that run down shack in Maitland and will start consuming the rest of Orlando!

      • JohnnyThunder

        Should be Interesting


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