• Jul 06

    Show #321 – Winn Dixie Man


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      It’s been babies, babies, babies here at the “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” studio. I just had my baby girl and it looks like she’ll have a little friend from Tom in the next few weeks. We really hope that you guys are digging the shows and thanks for all of the kind words and well wishes! You guys are so supportive and good to us and we just keep trying to plan cool events and soild shows while we keep popping out the babies! Special thanks to Ross and Samantha for putting in the extra work that’s needed to make sure that we don’t have to go to “Best Of” because let’s all be serious – no one likes it and it’s NEVER really “Best Of.” Typically it’s just some bullshit that’s put together by some intern who could give a fuck on what’s going to play on the air. The way that we see it, if we’re here and working, then we might as well try to tape something for our listeners that will be new and entertaining. You guys deserve it!

      If you’re new to the site and to “A Mediocre Time” don’t forget that there are tons of extra content and interviews with comedians that you might or might not see because we’re putting out a good deal of extra content. This week we’ve got interviews with Owen Benjamin and Mo Mandel – both are fantastic comedians and we think you’ll like their interviews a great deal.

      On this week’s show:

      -Beer being spilled in studio

      -Dukes of Hazard debacle

      -Tom’s ramen noodle adventure

      -Tom runs out of gas again!

      -Babies and fireworks

      -Hot tub monkeys

      -Tom’s Craigslist stories

      -Mccoy bread making scam

      -Sheep stimulus package

      -The toad who cried earthquake


      -Wedding photos

      -Implants and cremation

      -Tom justifies his nanny

      -People of Walmart

      -Smuggling a yo yo

      -Vigilante justice

      -Caller with an ejaculation problem

      All the best, we hope that you had a wonderful 4th of July and we’ll see you guys in a week!


      Posted By dan on July 6 2015 | Comments (2 )


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