• May 14

    Show #366 – Piff The Magic Dragon


    Annoy Your Friends


      Thanks to all of you that caught the show live and downloaded. You guys are reason that we continue to do this and we can’t thank you enough. I’m actually up in St. Augustine right now for my first vacation in about a year. (Don’t worry – both of the girls are asleep and it’s just me and Caesar hanging out. I forgot to do this blog post on the website so I figured I’d knock it out while I had a little bit of down time. I’m not really working – so no worries.)

      So we had Piff in today and it was amazing! Piff the Magic Dragon was one of the best guests that we’ve ever had. Dry – funny – and friendly – please be sure if you’re a fan of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” to go and hang out with him this weekend at the Orlando Improv! He crushed! 

      On this week’s show:

      -Tom brought meatball flies

      -Big Tim Murphy is here

      -Night soil

      -Flail vs morningstar?


      -Death and lollipops


      -Stitch’s bodyguard gets “Kenny’d”

      -Cow p*ss lagoon

      -Tom is Lance Nabs

      -Piff the Magic dragon is here!

      Ok – so that’s about it from here. Tom and I are both off until Tuesday but don’t sweat it – all BDM, OG, and ACT shows have already been cut and loaded so you’re not going to miss any content or have to wait an extra day. We try to plan that stuff way in advance as not to break the schedule. Trust us – it means as much to us as it does to you. Have a fantastic weekend and we’ll be talking to you Tuesday with a brand new ACT. Hopefully we’ll have a few stories and now if you’ll excuse me – I’ve got to sticker bomb St. Augustine with T&D stickers!


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