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    Annoy Your Friends


      Hey, there gang!

      I hope these show notes find you well and you’re all waking up and marveling at this amazing Florida weather like I am. This is why we live here folks! Wait – That would be silly to say considering that we only get weather like this for about the 3 days and then it back to the sweltering heat. Well, at any rate – try to get out there today and enjoy a little bit of these temperatures. I know I’m going to try – I seriously need to get my head right. My anxiety has been off the f’n charts.

      Thanks to all of you who joined us via Facebook LIVE yesterday. It looks like we’ve finally got the bandwidth issues that we had last week dialed in and I think the studio broadcast was a success! Like with most things, it’s a work in progress and we’ll be making changes and tweaks as time goes on. That’s sort of how we’ve always done it. Thanks for all of the feedback and the help.

      On yesterday’s show:

      -Dan evaluates Big Tim’s truck

      -Tom chipped his tooth

      -Tom has roaches at his house

      -Lee’s lollipop freakout

      -Popeye Gaga

      -Scam stories

      -Bad at consoling

      -Catfished by a fake fat Cubo

      -Lee’s sports news

      Well, that’s about it from us. As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening, participating, spreading the word, and supporting the show. The listeners are the heartbeat of this place and Tom and I both are proud to attempt to make you guys laugh and smile.

      Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll talk to you on Monday for the BDM shows!


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