• Sep 30

    Show #489 – T-Birds


    Annoy Your Friends


      “This is Greg the Plant. He’s in the lobby at the studio.”

      Happy International Podcast Day 2018!

      We’re not really sure what the means, but it’s a thing. It seems like everything has its own day these days. Hell, even me and Tom have a day. I think it’s in March or something. Could be April. No idea. I digress.

      For years now, Tom and I have been bringing up the topic of testosterone and who’s high and low. Dan has an insatiable sex drive…Tom has little to no emotion and is as cool as a cucumber. Does any of this have to do with high or low “T”…we have no idea, but alas, this is a bit that we had wanted to do for years. What were the results? We guess you’ll just have to give it a listen and report back.

      On this week’s show:

      • PA Marze is here to reveal the testosterone results
      • Tom’s spaghetti D
      • Hyper Gonad man!
      • Tom doesn’t want bird bones
      • P tumor
      • Butt chugging a 40
      • Low-T machine gun
      • Busdeker wrote a book
      • “I hate anyone that is into anything.” – Tom Vann

      Thanks to all of you who might have caught the show LIVE on @Twitch. You can always head over to www.Twitch.tv/TomandDanLive to watch old shows, clips, and find out more about our live video feeds. It’s a whole different animal to watch the show, the facial expressions, and see all of the guests live on the “mediocre couch.”

      Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and Tom, and, I will talk to you guys next week!

      All love,


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