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    Annoy Your Friends


      Happy Monday, T&D Family!

      All of us here at The Streamline Studio hope that you guys have a f’n fantastic Monday! Did you watch the Oscars? Or did you watch QVC, as I did? I’m not at all anti-award shows but I just didn’t feel like dedicating an S ton of time to something that feels really like the judgment of art. There’s enough of that in the world right now, so I felt like my talents were better served to watch 3 possibly drunk people, sell Invicta watches on a cruise ship. (I told you I really watched it.)

      On this week’s show:

      • Farting in front of significant other
      • Tom’s kids have to sell a coupon book
      • Buy one, get one donger
      • Re-painting Seth’s gym
      • 2 gay rabbits
      • Native Americans from South America
      • Arguments on social media
      • Dan’s vet visit
      • Seth’s bad reviews
      • Sending texts too late
      • Cauliflower b-hole
      • Karaoke songs
      • R. Kelly arrested
      • Robert Kraft arrested for soliciting sex

      Thanks to everyone who caught the show LIVE on Twitch. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then head over to this link and watch us do most of our shows LIVE! www.Twitch.TV/TomandDanLive will get you started. And if Twitch is not your thing, I’ve started to download all of the Friday Free Shows on YouTube to try and grow that channel a little bit. Just head over to YouTube and search for “AMediocreTime.” All of the Swervey Jones “Mediocre Toons” are on there, a bunch of behind the scenes and older clips, and more T&D video goodness. We’d really appreciate it if you’d check it out and subscribe.

      On that note, I’ll talk to most of you on the OG and BDM shows that we’re recording today or on A Corporate Time later tonight on Real Radio 104.1.


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