• Oct 25

    “State of the Studio:” Part One


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      Hey there gang!

      I know that this post is a bit after the fact but that should give you an idea of just how busy we’ve been! Tom has been handling all business aspects of the show – I’ve been editing, recording and putting together mobile shows – and both of us have been trying to split our time with equipment and furniture deliveries. It’s not exactly the most fun that we’ve had with the show but it’s a necessary evil. Here are a few photos of the bare shell of our new space.


      Lobby and entrance to space. 

      It’s sort of cool that we’re starting with basically a blank canvas. We’re going to brand the hell out of this place and really make it look like the broadcasting studio that it should! When you work for a radio station, you have to share the studio with at least 3 or more shows but we’re not going to have to do that. The studio will be a “Tom and Dan” studio and, for the most part, only used for that.


      Office and editing bay.

      There are some pretty big plans for the finer details of our new studio. A lot of you guys might not know this but Tom and I write commercials for a lot of bigger corporations around the world. (I know it sounds insane but it’s totally true. I’d share some of these ads with you but they’re private and mostly industry controlled.) One of the companies that we’re writing for makes custom carpet for 5-star resorts, cruise ships, and convention centers. Cross your fingers but it looks like they’re going to hook us up with some custom designed carpet for the studio!!! That’s an F’n game changer as far as looks and design goes. Our BFF’s, the Danger Brain, are working on the design and hopefully we’ll see something in the next couple of weeks.


      Studio with windows and side guest entrance door. 

      As for what’s going on right now? Currently and as I type this, the new studio is getting fresh coat of white paint. You might look at the pictures and think – “Hey man…the place looks great???” and it does but there’s an odd green tint to the current white paint that will clash with out T&D Media logo and anything that is with the current “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan” logo. It might be a strange and minute detail but we really want this place to represent the amount of pride that we have in our product and something that all of you that listen can truly be proud of. To us, this is 1000% real and we want to make sure that we do you proud.

      More updates to come!


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