• Dec 27

    “State of the Studio:” Part Four


    Annoy Your Friends

      Isn’t it funny how things don’t happen or move for the longest amount of time and then almost suddenly, they hit “rocket speed” and all happen at exactly the same time?!?! You’ll be happy to know that the studio carpet (that we’ve been waiting on for months) is now cut and laid in all rooms of the new #AMTStudio3! (This is the hashtag that I’ve been using for posts on social media because technically this is the third studio that we’ve used for broadcasting.)

      Here are a few shots from the installation – not only of the carpet but of some of the furniture pieces that we’re putting in each room.






      “The lobby leading to the office (left) and studio (right)”

      I pretty sure the cabinets will be installed today or tomorrow too! The plan is to have a small wet bar with an RO system and a small stainless steel sink for drinks and easy snacks. Our idea is to create a much more comfortable and inviting environment for guests and people that tag along with said guests. In all of our years doing radio, radio station green rooms are almost always a disaster. Part of this is because so many people are passing through and sharing the spot and lucky for us – this will only be used by US! Also, and this is just my personal thinking, but when you don’t own it – you don’t give a fuck about it! “It’s not my green room so who cares if I leave a bunch of free food in there.” I’m pretty sure that’s right on the money. :)


      “Lobby with couch and chairs. Table will have our T&D Media Logo on it.”

      The studio console desk will be installed next and then we’ll start the difficult process of moving all of our recording equipment to the new room. This might take a few days and with that said, we’ve got to make things sound the same. It’s exciting but I’d be lying if I didn’t say my anxiety will be through the roof. We might also need to do a bit of sound proofing to make sure that we’re back to good.


      “Studio guest couch. Bud Light can.”

      Have a fantastic Sunday! I hope that your weekend and holiday was more than amazing! To the non-BDM’s, the BDMs, the “200”, the Founders, the occasional listeners, the haters, the lovers, the Syrian refugees, Kelly Miller, Bob Lando, Rapping Tom – thanks for listening and helping us to attempt to be the best show in the area. We love ya! There is absolutely no way in hell that we’d be able to pull any of this off without your support and assistance. I truly hope you all know how much we care about you and our product. I could not be more stoked or stressed about this! Hahahahaha… #AMTStudio3


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