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    THANKS – “T&D Helping Allstars” & Vegas Trip


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      Hey there folks! 

      Super sorry about bailing on the show notes for the last show. We’ve been burning the candle at both ends so much lately – we really didn’t have time last Friday to write a proper version of notes because we had to make our way as quickly as possible to the Orlando City Soccer Match. Apologies again. For those looking for the notes, here they are…

      On last week’s show:

      Bubba sitting in on the show!

      Pain pills

      Bubba gets hit on by a crack whore – “Wanna do some business?”

      Bubba has a new pill problem; Cialis

      Awkward dating life

      Girls get offended when guys can’t get boners


      Taking baby classes

      The baby whisperer

      Tommy sit sleeps


      Vacuums/vacuum salesman

      Sticking your dick in a vacuum


      Lazy Boots

      The Michael Vick/Michael Phelps Experience?

      Pleasure Squads

      So there. We’re back on track and we can all relax. (Not true.)

      A very special note of thanks to Samantha for taking our show notes and always keeping us organized with that during the show. (Even if we do get behind an eight-ball and end up posting the show notes 4 days after the initial show aired! Sorry Sam. I’ll make it up to you!)

      Just so you guys know, we have a very small crew of people that have been helping us day to day to keep things organized. I’d like to take a second to thank Ross and Samantha for all of their dedication and hard work. Seriously. No dumb jokes. Ross gets singled out a good deal and rightfully so – he beats the Tom & Dan drum pretty hard around town and it’s always appreciated. Samantha doesn’t always get the credit that she deserves for taking care of the multitude of free stickers, magnets, and for selecting audio for BDM highlights promos. Thanks Samantha! I know that I can speak for all of us when I say that your hard work and commitment to our program – above and beyond your normal day job – is not only appreciated but cherished. Good shit!

      I’d like to also thank our newest “T&D Helping All-Star”, Shelby! Some of you know her as the young lady who has been assisting Ross with merch or maybe you know her as “the girl that will not accept your Facebook friend request because she knows that you’re all pieces of shit!” (She’s been chatting with Sam…) Thanks for all of the help in facilitating a pretty hectic run of new orders! With more and more merch coming in and with new listeners checking out the site on the daily – we are more than happy to have a designated person to help with all of your merch issues. Who knows how long we’ll have you – but you are appreciated!

      Ross – Sam – Shelby…


      Ok. That’s all from the T&D Studio. Tom and I should have some really big news for you guys really soon. (Tease)

      We’ll be in Vegas next week for the 2015 New Media Expo – Podcast Awards but all shows should be scheduled as normal – just on the road. We got the green light on a very, very, very special interview while we’re out in Vegas. I don’t want to spill the beans just yet – but lets just say that we pulled a few strings and we’ll have an old friend on the air who seems to “prop” Vegas up as an entertainer. I’m so fucking stoked about this! Did we mention to you guys that we’ve been booked to appear on Playboy TV’s “Playboy Morning Show” on the 16th and before we get the hell out of LA? Man – I’m currently gathering as much Xanax and SouthWest “Free Drink Coupons” as my dirty little hands can grab. Our comedian friend Dan Cummins booked us so look for our mugs with hot Playboy girls on a premium cable TV very, very soon!

      Alright folks – talk to you Friday!


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