• Jan 14

    T&D UPDATE – 1-14-14


    Annoy Your Friends

      Posted By dan on January 14 2014 | Comments (5)

      • Mr.Shinanigans

        Congratulations on your success! Hopefully this turns into something you guys can do and not have to worry about money!

        With all the success and publicity though, do you think it may be time to have someone professional (ie getting paid) finish your app, so those who have subscriptions can access your content easier? I just get curious and wonder how many people cancelled their subscriptions because they didn’t want to have to download and transfer to their iPhones each week. You have all this great content, but then make your customers jump through hoops to access it!

        All the best!

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Finish? With most things being a work in progress, I think I’d be sort of careful throwing around the term finished. There’s always something that needs to be adjusted or fixed. To answer your curious question…none. We haven’t had one person say “Hey I cancelled because I realize that you’re just two guys attempting to making something really good…and it’s just not good enough. And the level of “hoops” that you make me just through is excessive and terrible.” Most people get it…and understand that Apps cost money and more importantly time. As of now we have neither. Loading MP3’s on a smart device isn’t exactly something I consider a hoop but then again we all have our own level of what’s acceptable. Maybe one day in the near “we’re billionaires” future, we can provide you with a fully corporate App complete with watered down content and drain on our savings to boot.


          All the best.

      • gonzo667

        I think Samanthas big ol tits should give the updates and i mean just her sweet luschious big ol tits

      • Nikki

        Hope to see you two in Nashville this weekend! Love the show!!

      • Black Strat

        Anyone else stare at the toilet during this update or was that just a me thang?


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