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    Annoy Your Friends


      So it looks like we’re once again up for a bunch of awards for this years “Orlando Weekly – Best of Orlando 2015!” I know that we really didn’t mention it much this year but now that we’re nominated, we might as well go through with it like we always do, right?

      June 3-July 12 is the final round of voting and I do believe that you can only vote once – but feel free to make good use of those extra email accounts that you have to hide your porn sites and cheating from your spouse. On a side note, this is the first year that we’ve been in the “Best Local Radio Station” category and I would really love to win that one. To me, it’s just a giant, inflatable middle finger…I’m sure you understand.

      Here are the categories that we’re listed in:

      Best Kept Secret

      Best Guilty Pleasure

      Best Local Website

      Best Local Big Shot

      Best Local Blog

      Best Local Radio Station (This one really makes me laugh! LET’S WIN THIS!!!)

      Best Local Radio Personality

      Bet Local Radio Show (AND THIS ONE TOO!!!)

      Best Local Twitter Feed

      Best Local Facebook Page

      Not of course we would love to win all of these. That’s the goal so yeah…

      Thanks to all of you who nominated basically without us asking. You never cease to amaze us as the best listeners in the entire world.

      Get to voting!


      Posted By dan on June 4 2015 | Comments (6)

      • stanvanghandi

        Loved the show, super funny. Your right, literally the only thing that could make
        Tom Hanks look bad is if his son started screaming the N word. Worse after that would be if he started to defend the N word by saying that it was part of his “culture” haha.

        Love all the new content but the Friday Free show and the subsequent BDM I play right after (I do it in the order I want Ross) makes Saturday Toot and Shake Off the Hangover Do House Chores Morning the best. I listen to Corporate during the week.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Thanks for coming along for the ride. We’ve been having a frigg’n blast putting on the finest content in this town.

      • stanvanghandi

        Does anyone know how to check ratings? Besides just waiting for the results of how we do in the Orlando Weekly? Would like to see the results of us BDMs getting the word out and know how much we are growing. Just curious.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Check the ratings of “A Corporate Time”? You’ll be relieved to know that we are number 1 in our time slot.

      • stanvanghandi

        Thanks for the update. Congrats on being #1, that should really help to grow the BDM Nation. Been trying to get the word out even up here in Durham, NC.

        • http://www.TomandDan.com/ Tom and Dan

          Thanks so much! That means a lot. We appreciate you helping to spread the word.


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