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    The year is winding down…


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      So we’ve nearing the end of another year of “A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.” The coolest thing about this year is the fact that this is the first full year that both of us were completely independent! Now for many of you, you might not think that’s that big of a deal but trust us when we tell you that this small business shit is a lot harder than it looks. We’re just 2 guys that pretty much do every job needed and that’s without us even mentioning the amazing support staff that we have that is insane to believe in what we’re doing. The wives, Ross, Samantha, MediJocre, Tony, The Danger Brains, DIVUPS, and all of our wonderful clients; you guys are fantastic and we appreciate you patronage and all of your hard work.

      And beyond that, we’ve got to give love and thanks to ALL of you BDM members that keep the studio running! We started with the Friday Free Show but we wouldn’t even have that if it weren’t for those of you that support us through you BDM Memberships. We obviously don’t have the inventory of a radio station so to have the people that actually listen to and love AMT pick up the slack is amazing! It also allows us to provide you with more content with still a reasonable amount of commercials. (Remember when we had that on terrestrial radio???)

      So a heart felt thanks to all of you!


      Posted By dan on December 21 2014 | Comments (16 )


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