• Aug 18

    Show #483 – King Of Cabana


    Annoy Your Friends


      “Dan, David Koechner, Tom, and Rob Maher”

      Hey there, gang!

      What a week. What a week.

      Things are just now falling into a normal groove again here at T&D Media. 2018 has been nothing short of exhausting and we’re just now a bit past the halfway point. 😳Hahaha…I guess that’s the way it goes.

      Thanks to all of you who support the show! Please know that you guys are 100% the only reason that we do this (other than our children) and we love …

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    • Aug 11

      Show #482 – Dick Toast


      Annoy Your Friends


        Hey there gang! How’s your Saturday going?

        Apologies for the show notes being a few hours (technically) late but the girls wanted to grab dinner and my internet, while out and about,  was spotty last night. Thanks to all of the fine listeners who caught us LIVE on Twitch yesterday afternoon. If you’re not already on it, head over to www.Twitch.tv/TomandDanLive – and you can watch all of our shows – “A Corporate Time with Tom and Dan” – “A Gentleman’s Guide …

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      • Aug 03

        Show #481 – Tom Vannon Cabana Cannon


        Annoy Your Friends


          Good morning, folks!

          Thanks to all of you that joined us LIVE on Twitch yesterday for another “Friday Free Show.” The Twitch broadcasts are getting better and better. I keep chipping away at the equipment and little things in an attempt to always put back into the company whether it’s gear – server space – better parties. You get the idea. Continuously evolve or at least give it a shot. 😎

          We apologize for the #ffs for being a day …

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        • Jul 28

          Show #480 – BH Brothers


          Annoy Your Friends


            Hey, there gang!

            I hope these show notes find you well. It’s currently 5 am and I’m in the studio. Couldn’t sleep. The all too typical 4:30 am insomnia and mind racking, so I figured that I’d be productive and get these knocked out before the girls wake up. Needless to say, I’m tired from traveling and really looking forward to having a little bit of downtime and of all things, “home time!” I don’t know if you guys are like me, but …

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          • Jul 15

            Show #478 – Tommy Buffett


            Annoy Your Friends



              Wow. I really took my time on that one, huh? It’s really hard to justify sitting at the studio and typing up the show notes when I could be just sitting at a restaurant with my wife and daughter and eating the finest of fajitas. Do you like-a-the fajitas? Man. That’s like one of my top three things to eat and I think that I could eat them morning noon and night. It’s like a fancier taco that you have to make yourself. …

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